Crossing our T's, Dotting our I's

1. Trim Tab Consulting’s (ABN) core purpose is to support the development & execution of entrepreneurial activity through collaboration that includes, but not limited to, providing intellectual property, labour and third-party contracted services to clients, joint-venture partners and third-party, fee-for-service organisations.

2. When engaging with its clients et al, Trim Tab Consulting reserves all rights to products, services, ideas, concepts, data and information which has been authored or derived from Trim Tab Consulting which is deemed commercial in confidence, and cannot be used, copied or passed on to third-parties without the express consent from Trim Tab Consulting.

3. Unless otherwise stated, Trim Tab Consulting services are invoiced fortnightly, with payment terms of 14 days. 

4.  As a professional services business based in Richmond, Victoria (Australia) that consults across legal jurisdictions, Trim Tab Consulting operates and is recognised under the legal framework of the state of Victoria, Australia.

5. Although Trim Tab Consulting takes the greatest care in mitigating risk in partnership with its clients et al through the appropriate business & public indemnity insurance, total avoidance of risk, in the very rare occasion, may cause injury or otherwise that by engaging Trim Tab Consulting, the client et al absolves Trim Tab Consulting of any financial obligation outside of what Trim Tab Consulting’s insurances provide for, with Trim Tab Consulting Directors indemnified from any further legal action.